Star a ticket

Starring a ticket in SupportBee is a great way to follow a tickets activity even if it has been answered or assigned to another agent or team.

What happens when I star a ticket?

Two things happen when you star a ticket:

  1. Once you star a ticket, it will stay in the Starred section of the 'My Tickets' screen. You can then keep a track of any activity on it.
  2. If there is a new customer reply for a starred ticket, you get an email notification. However, you can change your notification preferences.

When should I star a ticket?

There are few situations where you may want to star a ticket:

  1. Once you reply to a ticket, it disappears off the Unanswered section. If you still want to follow its activity, you can star it.
  2. If you assign a ticket to a user or to a team but still want to follow activity on it, you should star it. This way the ticket won't go out of sight.

If I star a ticket, is it starred for everybody else too?

No, starring is a personal option. A ticket starred by you remains starred only for you and shows up in your 'My Tickets' section.